Product Features Roadmap


  • Project Starts (2020) The genesis of our project dates back to 2020, a time before the advent of GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Initially, our ambition was restrained by the technological limitations of the era. Recognizing the need for more advanced tools and capabilities, the project was strategically paused. This period allowed us to refine our vision and prepare for the moment when technology could fully realize our aspirations.

  • Team Assembly (2020, Reunited in 2023) In 2020, we laid the foundation by assembling a team of visionary AI researchers and developers. This talented group, initially collaborating on various other projects, reconvened in 2023 with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. The reunion marked a significant milestone, bringing together diverse expertise and a shared commitment to bring our innovative project to fruition.

  • Initial MVP Product Development: June 2023 Our journey began with the development of our first prototype, Amber, a romantic companion chatbot. Amber's introduction to the market was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, attracting thousands of users and converting many into paying clients. This initial success validated our concept and demonstrated the market's readiness for advanced AI companionship.

  • WhatsApp and Telegram Integration: September 2023 Understanding the importance of accessibility and user convenience, we integrated our service with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. This strategic move eliminated the need for additional downloads or sign-ups, allowing users to interact with our AI companions seamlessly within their preferred messaging environments. This integration significantly broadened our reach and user engagement.

  • Dynamic Prompts: October 2023 Utilizing the latest GPT technologies, our chatbots employ dynamic prompts that adapt not only to the user's trust level but also to their expressed interests. This approach ensures that each conversation is highly relevant and engaging, as the chatbot continuously learns and refines its understanding of the user, leading to increasingly sophisticated and personalized interactions.

  • Proactive Messaging: October 2023 To foster continuous engagement, our chatbots are programmed for proactive messaging. They reach out with messages and questions, inviting users back into conversation. This feature keeps the chatbot in the user's mind and encourages regular interaction, thereby deepening the bond between the user and their AI companion.

  • Voice Capabilities: November 2023 Expanding the ways in which users can interact with our chatbots, we have integrated voice capabilities. This feature allows users to communicate via voice messages, adding a more personal and natural dimension to the interaction. The ability to understand and respond to spoken language not only makes the chatbot more accessible but also enhances the feeling of engaging with a sentient companion, thereby enriching the overall user experience.

  • Trust System: November 2023 Central to our platform is a sophisticated trust system that evolves based on the number of interactions a user has with the chatbot. As the level of trust increases, the chatbot gradually introduces a wider range of conversation topics, tailored to the depth of the relationship. This system ensures that conversations grow more personal and meaningful over time, mirroring the natural progression of human relationships.

  • Interest Capturing: December 2023 At the core of our technology is the ability to capture and understand user interests through conversations with the chatbot. This feature allows our AI to build a rich, personalized profile for each user, enhancing future interactions. By remembering and referencing these interests, our chatbots create a more engaging, relevant, and meaningful connection with users.

  • Images Interpretation: December 2023 Pushing the boundaries of AI-human interaction, our chatbots possess the capability to interpret images sent by users. This functionality not only showcases the AI's understanding of visual content but also enables it to comment on the images' features and characteristics. Such interactions deepen the user's connection with the chatbot, making the experience more immersive and personal.

  • User Demands: December 2023 Responding to user demands, our chatbots are equipped to perform a variety of actions, such as sending pictures or performing specific tasks requested by the user. This capability not only enhances the utility of the chatbot but also adds a layer of interactive fun, making the AI companion feel more like a personal assistant attuned to the user's needs.

  • Multi-Personality Launch: January 2024 Recognizing the diversity of user preferences, our platform now supports multiple chatbot personalities. Users can choose from a range of AI companions, each with its own unique characteristics and style. This variety ensures that every user can find a chatbot that resonates with them, whether they seek a humorous friend, a serious tutor, or an empathetic listener.

  • Web App Launch: February 2024 In our commitment to accessibility, we will launch a web app, enabling users to interact with our AI companions directly through our website. This web app will offer a full-fledged chat experience, complete with all the functionalities available in our other platforms. It will serve as a convenient option for users who prefer desktop interactions or those who do not wish to download mobile apps.

  • Token Launch: March 2024 A pivotal milestone in our roadmap is the launch of our own cryptocurrency token. This token will serve multiple purposes: facilitating payments within the platform, rewarding user engagement, and allowing community governance. The introduction of the token is expected to significantly enhance community growth and user participation, solidifying the ecosystem around our advanced AI companionship platform.

  • Integration of Video Messaging Capabilities: March 2024

    This feature will allow our digital human and AI companion characters to send personalized video messages to users. Envision an AI companion not only responding through text or voice but also sharing content in a dynamic, visual format. These video messages can range from informative and educational content to personalized greetings, advice, or even entertaining clips. This level of interaction significantly enhances the user experience, bringing a new dimension of realism and engagement to the AI companions. Users will be able to see and hear their AI companions in action, making the interactions more immersive and lifelike. The introduction of video messaging opens up a plethora of possibilities for deeper, more meaningful connections between users and their digital companions, further solidifying our platform's position as a leader in innovative AI companionship.

  • Mobile App Release: May 2024 Recognizing the ubiquity of mobile devices, we plan to launch dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android. These apps will provide users with an additional, more personalized way to engage with our services. Optimized for mobile use, the apps will offer a seamless, intuitive user experience, ensuring our AI companions are just a tap away.

  • Token Integration and Airdrop: June 2024 A key step in our roadmap is the integration of the $ANGEL token within our platform. This integration will allow users to utilize the token for various services. To kickstart this new phase, we will conduct an airdrop, distributing $ANGEL tokens to our existing users. This strategy aims to reward our early adopters and stimulate engagement within the ecosystem.

  • Open Spark Protocol Launch: June 2024

    A pivotal addition to our roadmap is the launch of the Open Spark protocol. This significant milestone introduces a suite of revolutionary features, encompassing NFT integration, staking mechanisms, and revenue sharing models, all intricately connected to our digital human and AI companion characters. The protocol enables character creators to mint their AI companions as unique NFTs, thus establishing ownership and opening up new avenues for revenue generation. Concurrently, users are presented with the opportunity to stake their $ANGEL tokens in these AI NFTs, directly contributing to and benefiting from the success and development of their favorite digital companions. This staking fosters a deeper connection between users and AI characters. Additionally, the revenue generated by these AI companions will be shared with the stakeholders, thereby creating a symbiotic ecosystem where creators, users, and investors mutually benefit from the growth and popularity of these AI entities. The Open Spark protocol is set to redefine the landscape of digital companionship, making it a more interactive, rewarding, and collaborative experience.

  • Hosting Our Own LLM and Image Generation Models: July 2024 In a move towards greater autonomy and product flexibility, we plan to host our own Large Language Models (LLM) and image generation models. This transition will reduce our dependency on third-party providers, allowing us to tailor the technology more closely to our users' needs and ensuring a unique, customizable experience.

  • Marketing Campaigns: August 2024 To expand our reach and user base, we will initiate extensive marketing campaigns. These campaigns will aim to increase brand awareness, highlight our unique offerings, and attract new users to our platform. A combination of digital marketing, strategic partnerships, and community engagement will be employed to achieve these goals.

  • International Expansion: September 2024 Our vision includes taking our platform to the global stage. We will localize our services for different markets, adapting to various languages and cultural nuances. This international expansion will allow us to reach a broader audience, making our AI companionship accessible to users around the world.

  • AR/VR Integration (Apple Vision Pro): November 2024 Looking ahead, we plan to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, particularly leveraging platforms like Apple Vision Pro. This will enable us to create virtual avatars for our AI companions, offering users a chance to interact in a fully immersive AR/VR environment. This leap will revolutionize the way users experience AI companionship.

  • Robot Integration (Optimus Gen-2 Tesla) : 2025+ In a pioneering move, we will integrate our AI technologies with advanced robotics, such as the Optimus Gen-2 Tesla. This integration will bring a physical dimension to our AI companions, allowing for more realistic and tangible interactions. Users will be able to experience a new level of companionship that blends the digital with the physical world.

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