Open Spark Whitepaper v0.7

Official Open Spark Whitepaper v. Alpha, last update April 2024

Open Spark, the parent company of, is at the forefront of developing a pioneering protocol designed to facilitate and enhance interactions between digital humans or other AI companions and humans. This protocol layer represents a foundational breakthrough in the realm of digital-human interaction, laying the groundwork for more sophisticated and nuanced AI relationships.

At the application layer, emerges as a versatile platform for virtual companionship. It offers a diverse array of AI companions – encompassing roles like friends, romantic partners, therapists, teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors, and even future tellers. These virtual companions are accessible through various instant messaging systems, providing users with an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility.

Central to our ecosystem is the $ANGEL token, which is native to our platform. This token is poised to become the linchpin of our ecosystem, fostering community creation and active participation. The $ANGEL token will play a multifaceted role, facilitating revenue sharing, enabling payment for services, and acting as a cornerstone for loyalty rewards and other engagement-driven incentives. The introduction of this token is a strategic move to incentivize user engagement and foster a robust, interactive community around our AI companionship platform.

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